Wind King Industrial Floor Fan


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Powerful, 3-speed metal blade fan that moves air from the ground up.

You’re trying to manage CO2, heat, and humidity in your grow room. You’re indoors, so the air doesn’t move and gets stagnant. Heat rises, so you have warm and cold spots all over your room.

How are you supposed to manage all of these factors when stagnant air is creating such an unstable environment? How can you mimic the outside world where air flows freely? By using the Wind King Industrial Floor Fan!

Wind King Industrial Floor Fan can run day after day without burning out your motor. They also push a large amount of air with variable speeds to customize your grow room airflow. They also come in three different sizes to fit the space you have available.


Sits on the floor: For a different air pattern, many growers have a fan on the floor that pushes air up from under their plants. This makes it great for anyone who grows their plants on the floor.

Adjustable: Tilt the fan up or down to get it in just the right position for your plants.

Metal blades: Plastic blades sometimes warp due to the heat in your room, which means over time they don’t move as much air. Metal blades rarely, if ever, warp, providing you consistency and reliablilty.

3-speed settings: Dial in the perfect fan speed for your needs.

Moves your plants: Air movement in your room helps strengthen your plants. If they were growing outside, they would have wind and environmental factors that encourage them to grow deeper roots. Air movement inside can help simulate these effects.

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