Plagron Coco Premium




Plagron Coco Premium

Thanks to its ideal structure Plagron Coco Premium is the perfect basic substrate. Cocos Premium is fully buffered with a stable pH value. It is particularly suitable for fast growing plants. Cocos Premium meets the most stringent quality standards and does not contain any fertilisers. It can be re-used and after re-use suitable as soil improver. Cocos Premium produces the highest yields in combination with Plagron Cocos A&B and the additives from Plagron. Cocos Premium carries the RHP quality mark.

The advantages of Coco Premium


  • Completely buffered substrate with stable pH.
  • Guaranteed low EC value.
  • RHP approved.



Plagron Coco Premium is a ready to use soilless growing medium (Packaged Soil Amendment) for potting and re-potting all flowering plants. Start with fertilising from the first day.


Buffered coco peat, buffered coco fibres.
pH (H2O) 6.1 – 7.4
E.C. (1:1.5) [mS/cm]  0.09 – 0.14


Cocos Premium is available in 50 litre bag.

Tips from Plagron


  •  Cocos Premium can be reused and after reuse applied as a soil improver.
  •  Download the 100% COCO Grow Schedule for the most appropriate use and the correct dosages and EC-value.


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